Hot Tub Water Treatment / Hot Tub Maintenance

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Item ID: 29-21084-90
Brand: IPG




An organic polymer that helps remove oil and soap film.
Coagulates and flocks all suspended undissolved solids and particles and then allows them to be trapped by the cartridge filter.
Allows you to enjoy you spa water immediately.
Does not alter pH and is compatible with all types of sanitizers.

1. For cloudy water pour 30 mL of CLARIFIER per 1,000 L of spa water.
2. Turn off air jets, add required dosage of CLARIFIER directly into spa water.
3. Turn on filter system until water is bright and clear.
4. Your spa can be used immediately after treatment.
5. Once a week, for maintenance purposes add 30 mL of CLARIFIER per 1,000L of spa water.

SPA CLEAR will improve water quality and filter efficiency when used as part of a regular maintenance plan.
Use weekly for regular maintenance to prevent cloudy water.